Our Clients

KFC Logo KFC Logo

One Digital Media have successfully been managing the biggest digital menu board roll out in the quick service restaurant industry for the past couple of years. KFC have strategically decided to replace all print menu boards with digital signage screens and currently ODM have installed digital menu boards in 590 KFC outlets across the country .

SPAR logo SPAR logo

The SPAR digital signage network started as an advertising based network for one of South Africa's most established and largest retailers. The network was launched in August 2007 and has been rolled out to 122 SUPERSPAR stores across the country. During the past 12 months One Digital Media have been converting the network to an retailer/ Customer communication network. One Digital Media wrote digital signage software that we are now rolling out to all SPAR venues and not just limited it to SUPERSPAR network.. Using the cloud based software the retailer can login online to his store profile, access themes and a cloud based digital product library owned by Hirt and Carter/ Fast Print. Using the web interface, product library and themes the retailer can create playlists and schedule content to his instore screens from anywhere in the world using any PC or Laptop with internet access.

Woolworths Logo Woolworths Logo

Woolworths offers a unique shopping experience and is the only retailer in South Africa that has fashion, food, beauty and homeware under their own brand. ODM has provided a platform for Woolies to express their core values of quality, integrity, style, innovation and sustainability and to its promise of offering high quality and exceptional value through our in-store digital signage network. Screens in-store are strategically placed to make clients aware of current promotions, assisting with information regarding Woolworths Financial Services and general news about Woolies and the environment, keeping their customers informed and making their shopping experience a memorable one.

Foodlovers Logo Foodlovers Logo

For Food Lovers Market we launched a digital signage network to create an engaging in-store shopping experience through strategically positioned screens at various key store sections such as the butchery, sushi bar, dairy section, fruit stop section, grill bar deli, and fish section. The in store screens inform and engage consumers while shoppers browse the store and make their purchasing decisions at these store specific zones, making it a more enjoyable shopping experience.

LeCreuset Logo LeCreuset Logo

Le Creuset Have installed 42" screens in 18 stores across the country. Using ODM's Numbus digital signage software Le Creuset control their own network creating advertising on the fly to suite the occasion, be it seasonal promotions or product launches and schedule it to each store from their head office in Cape Town.

Cape Nature Logo Cape Nature Logo

CapeNature Set up a new research facility and tourist destination on Bird Island in Lambert's Bay.
One Digital Media were approached to design and build a 46 inch interactive touch screen, highlighting attractions on Bird Island and featuring an interactive map.

Country Road Logo Country Road Logo

Country Road has travelled a long way since its beginnings in 1974 when it was started as a manufacturer and supplier of specialist casual cotton shirts. Re-launched in 2004 with a new modern identity, it is now a nationally and internationally recognised brand with operations in New Zealand, South Africa and Asia. It is in the business of the design, sourcing, retail, licensing and wholesale distribution of quality lifestyle products. Country Road was acquired by Woolworths Holdings in 1998. The successful trial of Country Road within Woolworths stores in 2008 has developed into an important and exciting expansion initiative for both businesses. Country Road is offered in 13 Woolworths stores with the first stand-alone store opening late 2009. One Digital Media handle all their digital signage and motion graphics needs.

Wimpy Logo Wimpy Logo

One Digital Media has been appointed as Wimpy's digital signage partner for its restaurants across the country. To date, 173 Wimpy outlets have benefited from the Digital Menu Boards, and the digital menu boards are being rolled out to all the new look Wimpy stores. The digital menu boards have replaced the static menu's with engaging, eye-catching dynamic menu content. The 42 INCH screens display day part-specific menu's tailored to the relevant time of the day, and can feature store specific specials and event related messaging. The dynamic content allows Wimpy to draw attention to upsize deals and new specials, thereby driving basket size. Menu's and pricing can be changed at the touch of a button, bringing new menu printing and distribution to an end, thereby reducing logistical costs and contributing to a greener environment.

Makro Logo Makro Logo

The Makro Liquor network is comprised of a digital signage solution that includes a combination of large high-definition screens focussed on the high traffic environment of the Makro Liquor stores. The digital signage network is an advertising network model, utilised to display advertising sold to various brands, as well as dedicated current Makro advertising. Makro’s large customer base and sales volumes make this an attractive network for advertisers that want to strengthen their position in the alcohol market. The ODM Makro Liquor Network effectively interrupts 1.7 million consumers per month at the critical point of purchase in 15 venues nationwide. Large 42 INCH high-audience screens are placed at the store entrance and in-aisle to grab maximum shopper attention and to direct shoppers in their decision making process. Currently, there are three categories of screens installed in Makro stores namely; Entrance Screens, Aisle Screens and Beer Fridge Screens. Each category is targeted with different types and levels of advertising to best communicate our advertisers and Makro’s sales offerings to prospective customers.

Cape Union Mart Logo Cape Union Mart Logo

The Cape Union Mart digital signage Network is an example of a client owned Network where the network content is owned by a single entity; in this case Cape Union Mart themselves. The network comprises a large advertising screen installed at each till point and this screen displays a combination of specials, technical information and corporate social responsibility information. Its aim is to be both informational and sales-oriented. Currently the network covers 69 stores, with each new store built being designed and built with Digital Signage as part of the standard specification.

Dominoes Logo Dominoes Logo

Domino’s Pizza entered into the South African market in November 2014 with its first store in Rivonia, Gauteng. The planned digital signage rollout will see 150+ stores being built by the end of 2015. The solution provided by ODM consists of three 50” digital menu boards displaying the current menus with eye catching animated digital content. Content for the digital menu boards is designed and supplied by Domino’s advertising agency. The flexibility of the solution allows Domino’s to update the menus at any time in the unlikely events of stock outages, as well as to update menu items in reaction to competitors in this increasingly aggressive Fast Food market segment. A fourth screen has been supplied by One Digital Media, however this screen is managed by the Domino’s in-store POS system to display order status to customers.

Mimco Logo Mimco Logo

Mimco has successfully opened concession and stand-alone stores in South Africa. Mimco forms part of Country Road Ventures. Their concession stores can be found located inside some of the existing Woolworths stores. The 46” screen is strategically placed within the store design to display digital signage of all their accessories, hand bags, jewellery, etc.

Whitchery Logo Whitchery Logo

Witchery forms part of the Country Road Ventures and the stores can be found inside some of the existing Woolworths stores. Their stores are seen as concession stores (store-in-store). ODM and CRV strategically places the digital signagescreens within the store design to display their models wearing their latest clothing. Some of the Woolworths stores also has a Witchery Kids concession store, which is dedicated to kids clothing.

City Chic Logo ity Chic Logo

City Chic is an Australian brand that has opened stores in South Africa to close the gap in the market for the 14+. Their clothing is specifically designed to complement their look and give them that added feeling of looking beautiful. ODM partnered with City Chic and installed a digital signage advertising network within their stores. They are currently looking at expanding as the stores are only located in Johannesburg at the present moment.

Stadium Fast Foods Logo Stadium Fast Foods Logo

Stadium Fast Foods first opened their doors in 1980. They are now looking to expand and give their venues a new look and feel. They believed that in order to achieve this, digital menu boards would give them the look and feel that they were looking for. In each of their venues, they have installed seven digital signage screens which display their menus. This has given the stores a crips new look and feel. They have opted for the fully managed software which they send ODM the content who will in turn schedule it according to the clients request. Stadium Fast Foods has extremely competitive pricing and with having the capability for the menus to be changes at the touch of a button, this allows them to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Adegas Logo Adegas Logo

Adega’s Restaurant has branched off to start a new franchise called Adega’s Express. One Digital Media has installed digital menu boards in all of their venues, currently 6 and growing. The screens have helped to speed up the queuing as well as give the store a new, fresh look and feel. In two of their flagship stores, Sandton City and Pavilion, they have installed video walls which show case their promotional items. This has had a positive impact because the content is very large and extremely eye catching in the food courts. The digital menus can be changes at the touch of a button which has allowed them to stay one step ahead of their competitors. We have also installed outside of South Africa, this being at their venue in Nigeria and we are currently in the process of installing in Botswana.