A well-defined Content Strategy & dynamic Content: The key to Digital Signage success

· 10 May 2018

Key service offering

Content has been a key service offering since the inception of ODM. We have for years been collaborating with big brands like SPAR, KFC, Cell C and Woolworths and their agencies, proving that our small team of designers and animators is effective, agile and innovative.

Design, animation and how they fit together.

Design; the conceptualising of an idea, fleshing out client needs and translating that into picture, from a digital signage perspective, used for visual communication or problem-solving. Animation is taking that picture and making it come to life. Marrying design and animation is the logical route to follow if you’re considering a digital signage network. Animation; enables you to draw attention to different aspects of your design, be it through subtle animation effects like slight pulsing of words, or full-flash-big-bang animation - it all depends on what best matches the client marketing objective.

How do we keep getting it so right?

We listen to what our clients envisage and build on this. Often clients know they should go digital, but struggle to put their ideas into words and from there into a design or animated design – that’s where we fit in. For the complete digital newbie, we fit in with their marketing plan based on their client analysis and segmentation and develop a strategy to fit their needs.

With existing clients, we’ve already built the relationship with them over the years and have learned to evolve our service offering, as their marketing objectives evolve. Keeping pace with them every step of the way.

We make customer service our first priority

We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and exceptional animation work. Customer centricity is very important to us. Our quick turnaround times define us. We have a design team with more than 20 years’ experience in the field and our studio rates are definitely competitive and flexible.

This will save you time, and money!

If you have the luxury of having your own design team at your beck and call, have them do the initial design work. Always supply uncropped high-resolution images. Supplying open files in layered artwork for animation will keep your costs down as the animators will spend less time working on the files if they can extract and animate directly.

The passion for creation, driven by an understanding of goals shared objectives

“We get huge satisfaction when we see the smiles on our clients faces once the content we have worked on goes live. It’s the culmination of a creative process that starts with spending time with our clients; in their boardroom, on the shop floor or in their restaurants. We live the brand, we do our utmost to understand the objectives of their digital media strategy and work tirelessly to ensure the content on the screens helps them meet their objectives“
says Jason Thorold, Head of Internal Services at One Digital Media.



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