Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards (DMB) play a pivotal role in the consumer menu selection process in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and have evolved in leaps and bounds over the past 15 years.

ODM and our partners have installed more than 8000 Digital Menu Boards in more than 1500 individual sites across South Africa and Africa. The Internal and External Operations Teams at ODM have been trained to implement and support the technology in the field and have been actively supporting it for the last 10 years.

Most restaurant chains require a quick response time for the content changes carried on the menu boards to occur, especially when it pertains to aspects involving price, promotions, seasonal products and specials. The process of updating printed or backlit menus is much slower and more expensive than with a digital format. For example, instead of the menu boards being sent to print, delivered store, and then being put up, they can now simply be uploaded directly to the stores nationwide from one central point. By eliminating both print and delivery costs, large savings in marketing funds and time occurs in the long run.

Digital Menu Board Benefits

Customer Satisfaction

Use the menu boards to display items that are going to be relevant to the clients in-store.

Brand Loyalty

Personalised menus on display improve the customer experience and increase loyalty and return visits.

Financial Goals

Achieve financial goals with increased sales and profit by collection of data, collation into information, leading to content creation focussed on revenue.

Menu Control

A faster route to market with full control over the menu.

AIM - Agile Intelligent Menu

Quick Service Restaurant locations, whether in shopping centres, malls or as stand-alone restaurants, are built as the Brand has identified a market and a need for the product. Restaurant floorplans are designed to meet customer expectations and facilitate fast service of their favourite product.

Restaurant owners and operators know this by analysing data in a specific area and conducting market research to ensure they are opening an outlet in the right area for the right target market.

Digital Menu Boards should be based on the same principles

A digital menu board should be built based on the historic sales data received and analysed for the specific outlet, or if a new outlet, based on restaurants with similar client profiles. However, the modern shopper is mobile and buying patterns are changeable. Menu boards need to keep up with the change, and digital menu boards provide that flexibility.



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