Digital Signage in Retail – Content Driven by Strategy

· 17 April 2019

Hardware is only the start

There has been a major investment in Digital Signage hardware and software solutions by Retailers. The major challenges faced by retailers are screens not displaying focussed content based on a solid content strategy, and the content on display not being created to focus on that strategy.

The fact is that customers who arrive at your store have already decided what they’re going to buy. With digital signage, you have the ability to remind them of additional things they might need and promotions they might be interested in and in the process, increase their basket size by 8% on average.

In a study conducted in Sweden, 71 % of the surveyed customers said they felt advertising on digital signage stood out more than online ads, and 46 % said they were more prominent than even television ads.

Why is it so effective

One Digital Media specialises in developing objective driven content strategies based on relevant sales data and analysis of a specific outlet’s shopper profile, overlaying the Retailers objectives and co-designing a digital signage content strategy to meet those objectives.

Our in-house design team, with 30 years of content creation and animation between them, then create content for the digital displays in-store.

Success story

Our eyes are equipped with magnocellular cells that detect movement in our periphery. In evolutionary terms, this helps us spot danger before it’s too late. Animated advertising takes advantage of this by involuntarily capturing our attention and activates an eye movement towards products that are irregular purchase items or add-ons and promotions.

Shopper Profile & Objectives

In efforts to increase the basket size of shoppers at the store, we did the following at a supermarket in Kwa-Zulu Natal: Supplied media players and set up a communication network. With the help of store management, we identified two Hot Meal Replacement lines to promote. To accurately test our solution, we wanted to use lines not currently promoted anywhere else The ODM design team created two new promotions: Fish & Chip Combo and Whole Grilled Chicken and set them to run for 6 weeks.

The client's team provided sales data for the 2 lines for a 4-week period prior to the ODM installation, and a 6-week period after the installation. The results; a noteworthy increase across the board

ODM provides dynamic, easy-to-use, cost-effective and engaging technology that can increase your basket size by

  • Attracting the attention of your customer
  • Alerting people to related deals in other aisles
  • Reminding customers of line items
  • Managing and changing content easily
“It’s important for us to be part of our client’s growth. We don’t want to end up in a situation where investment in digital signage is deemed to be wasteful “ says Jon Livingston, ODM Head of Design Studio. The real success is when hours of collaboration and strategising lead to great looking content which leads to an increase in revenue for retailer“



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