Indoor LED Marketing Displays

· 13 February 2019
Decreasing costs, better quality hardware and changes in customer expectations are driving change in the retail environment. Also, marketers want more! More flexibility, and more client engagement.

Everywhere from shopping malls, to corporate head office foyers and retail stores are embracing Indoor LED Marketing Displays. And why wouldn’t they? They have a much higher impact than traditional channels, save time and increase operational flexibility. And they don’t cost an arm and a leg anymore.

Say no to low definition

Long gone are the days of basic text or numbering being associated with LED displays. Technological innovation has resulted in LED tiles being produced in ever decreasing pixel-pitch configurations. Simply put, this means a higher definition. Marketers can display full HD video content on the LED displays, creating a fully immersive display. The tiles are produced in such a way, that it appears seamless from the optimal viewing distance and angle.

Long lasting and easy to service

If procured from a trusted source, the hardware is very durable. The average lifespan of direct view LED displays is longer than that of traditional LCD or LED backlit displays. In terms of serviceability, the modular construction of the tiles allows individual components to be replaced and serviced.

Let’s engage!

It’s the watchword of our time. Engagement. We are all looking for better marketing engagement. How do direct-view LED displays improve this key factor in modern marketing?

They are bright, and they display movement. Why is this a factor?

Our eyes detect colour, shape, texture, and detail really well when we are directly gazing at something. The magno cells in our retina are weak at detecting these features in our periphery, in favour of a strong ability to detect motion (to helping us spot danger before it’s too late).
In the last few months, One Digital Media has procured and installed direct-view LED Marketing displays in a number of locations ranging from bank foyers, speciality retail shopfloors and shopping centre kiosks.

One Digital Media is the leading supplier of digital signage solutions, including LED displays, in Africa. We offer full turnkey solutions from solution specification, procurement, installation, content creations and strategy to after-sales service.



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