Interactive Kiosks

The use of interactive kiosks with touch screens has gained tremendous popularity in many retail environments over recent years, with several business owners choosing to apply the technology to a wide range of products and retail services. Developments in both hardware and software have made kiosks an attractive proposition and the shorter adoption cycle to the mass market - compared to the 25 years it took ATM's and 10 years for mobile phones - illustrates their success.

It’s no secret that the modern consumer demands more interactive features and freedom of choice when making purchases, which is why more and more retail companies are contemplating incorporating similar technologies into their daily operations. Research by Forrester even suggests that the majority of large and medium-sized businesses are considering employing interactive touch-screen kiosks at their locations soon.

Customers, many of whom are now vastly experienced in making online purchases, are said to be more comfortable using self-service kiosks than waiting in line or dealing face-to-face with in-store personnel. Interactive kiosks and touch screens appear to be the next logical step as retailers try to capture any slight competitive advantage in an extremely competitive sector.

Interactive Kiosk Benefits

Increase Sales

Kiosks can promote specific products alongside their primary functions, making them a powerful weapon in the marketing arsenal.

Reduce Costs

Kiosks offer a cost-effective alternative to traditionally staffed positions and are comparatively cost-effective.

Faster Return on Investment

Low purchase and maintenance costs of kiosks mean they pay for themselves and can start to yield returns faster than other service solutions.

Increase Efficiency

Kiosks carry out tasks that free up time for employees to concentrate on more important duties – improving efficiency and productivity.



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