Print and energy savings with Digital Screens

Save Costs with digital screens

Digital signage screens assist in both saving print costs and reducing your ecological foot-print. Solutions provided by One Digital Media reduce print costs to our clients, as there is no need for re-prints due to colour or copy writing errors.

One Digital Media ensures that content uploaded to our fully managed systems are approved by the client.

ODM’s digital signage software has the capability to control display times at a store level by using the auto-on and auto-off functionality. This aids in prolonging hardware lifetime as well as saving electrical costs. Not all stores have the same trading hours thus display times can be custom set to meet your needs.

A pro-active tip; Set the digital screen to power on 30 minutes before start of trade and off again 30 minutes after the official closing time. Setting up the digital screen trading hours in this way allows staff to verify that the system is fully operational prior to their clients arrival and also ensures the offering is visible to any last minute or lingering clientele.

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2017 CEO Message: ODM CEO Andrew Ridl

Digital Advertising Dayparting

All the best for 2017!

What a year 2016 was and what a year 2017 is going to be! There was a slight respite at the end of last year from our retail clients (as they don’t install new systems in December) but the ODM team were kept on their toes with other projects. We have also had an incredibly fast start to 2017 and the ODM offices around the country are starting to feel like Virgin Health Clubs in January – very busy!

The business expansion in Africa is going well – with new sites being taken on in Ghana, Zimbabwe with forthcoming sites in Malawi. The consolidation of the industry in South Africa continues with our on-going acquisition plans and partnership deals. The growth of ODM services across the board will also ensure that ODM remains the largest supplier of Digital Narrowcasting services in Africa.

Our ambitious statement for 2017 is “our best year yet” and the dedicated ODM team has accepted that challenge!

“In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

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Maximizing the potential of Digital Menu Boards with Dayparting

Digital Advertising Dayparting

Dayparting is the practice of dividing a day into several segments and directing different forms of programming , advertising or marketing material to each segment. One Digital Media is all about the bigger picture, especially when it comes to optimising your visual marketing goals.

In the same way traditional broadcast marketers apply the practice of dayparting on radio and television networks, in- store digital menu boards can be utilised in the same way. Just as audiences for radio and television changes throughout the day or week, visitors to Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’s) change and the menu items that are of interest to them change as well e.g. breakfast items are popular in the morning, more substantial but light meals for lunch or family type meals for the evening.
By using specially designed in-house software offered by One Digital Media, digital menu boards have the flexibility to suit your strategy.
Digital Menu Board Scheduling Strategy should serve the needs of your; clients, marketing team as well as your operational team.

At One Digital Media we deliver turnkey solutions and in-depth content strategies to best meet your visual marketing goals. Dayparting can also be put in practice with digital signage solutions like corporate information, sales marketing and brand awareness screens.

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KFC South Africa has completed the 800-store Digital Menu Board rollout – now 100% digital in-store!

One Digital Media in KFC

One Digital Media (ODM), the largest digital signage provider in Africa, partnered with KFC South Africa and began testing the efficacy of Digital Menu Boards (DMBs). Over the years the KFC team and ODM perfected the solution to ensure the system could be implemented across all KFC restaurants in South Africa.

South Africa is the first country in the world to roll out DMB’s to all KFC restaurants and is now completely digital in all stores! This innovation will assist KFC in enhancing the customers experience whilst delivering more flexibility and functionality to all their restaurants.

Each digital screen serves as a menu board, this allows content to be managed or changed (across all restaurants or at one restaurant) within a matter of minutes, providing immediate impact and results. KFC now has the ability to provide unique menus to each restaurant, moving one step closer to their loyal customer group per site.

The ODM team works closely with one of KFC’s agency, Ogilvy & Mather, to create and animate DMB content bringing key products and promotions to life. The digital content automatically alternates between breakfast, lunch and midnight menu items.

Various solutions ranging from touch screen, to digital menu boards and “CView” (a program to display multiple menu board layouts on a single or video wall screen) have been installed at KFC’s Head Office in Gauteng. ODM congratulates KFC South Africa on this amazing DMB roll-out and feel honoured to have been a part of the achievement.

Recently, the 800th KFC DMB installation happened at Flagstaff, Kwa-Zulu Natal on 18 August 2015.

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Woolworths has taken their shopping experience to the next level

News About Woolworths

ODM have partnered with Woolworths and installed a total of 13 different digital signage communication points ranging from Video Walls, to large format LED Displays at their new store in Rosebank (The Mall of Rosebank) Gauteng.

This exciting store was launched on 25 September 2014 As you walk past Woolworths your attention will be drawn by the large 3m x 3m LED display. Inside, you will find a further 3 smaller LED displays, in the RE: Woman, RE: Men and Modern Woman sections.
In the Studio W Men and Woman section you will find 1 x 46” portrait screen. As you enter the food market, be sure to look out for the 46” portrait screen displaying all the specials and daily difference items. Furthermore, the Country Road group has concession stores within Woolworths; they have 2 x 46” portrait screens located at Witchery Woman’s section, 1 x 46” portrait screen at Witchery Kids and lastly 1 x 46” portrait screen at Mimco.

We congratulate Woolworths on yet another successful store launch and look forward to adding more of these solutions to other stores in the near future.

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KFC's digital signage menu network grows to over 5000 screens

News about KFC

One Digital Media (ODM), the largest digital signage company in South Africa, and KFC are on track to complete one of the largest digital menu board networks in the world. Currently, over 5000 digital menu boards have been installed for KFC YUM! in South Africa. An additional 1200 installations are planned over the next year. The network, which comprises up to nine screens in each KFC store, has already been installed in 586 KFCs around the country and additional sites continue to roll out each month. Each screen serves as a menu board, and each screen or group of screens can be changed cost-effectively from a central point within a matter of minutes, providing immediate results. ODM provides a turnkey digital signage solution 24/7 to YUM! and ODM services include procurement, warranty management, installation, maintenance and scheduling on behalf of YUM! ODM also works closely with YUM!'s agency Ogilvy to create and animate content which brings life to the digital menu board solution.

Andrew Ridl, CEO of ODM said: "It has been an amazing experience working with a company like YUM! and a brand as well-known as KFC. As the network has grown, we continue to learn more and more from each other. We are particularly proud about how stable our solution has proven to be in an environment where 24-hour service is required." As the market leader in South Africa, One Digital Media has the luxury of utilising the latest version of Arcus 3 software that has been specifically developed for digital menu board networks. This software, which is part of the software suite developed by the company over the last seven years, is used by many other well-known brands like Spur, Woolworths, Wimpy and Cell C. Ridl says that the importance of being able to customise elements of the software for specific clients, without incurring lengthy lead times and costs (in US Dollars or Euros), makes the software solution extremely attractive and cost-effective for clients.

ODM also prefers to use the Linux operating system as Linux does not require Windows licensing fees. "However," says Ridl, "we are completely hardware/software agnostic and if our client wants to use a specific brand of software or screen, we will assist them to do that, normally at very competitive prices." One Digital Media, founded in 2006, has over 18,000 devices in stores in South Africa and is the leading digital media company in the retail environment in South Africa. Other clients include Nashua Mobile, Bharti Airtel, SPAR, Cape Union Mart, Fruit &Veg City and Country Road.

YUM! Brands Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, has approximately 40,000 restaurants in more than 130 countries and territories. The company is currently ranked number 201 on the Fortune 500 list. The company's restaurant brands - KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell - are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza and Mexican-style food categories respectively.

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Le Creuset partners up with One Digital Media for synchronised brand digital signage solutions

News About Lecreuset

Le Creuset, French manufacturer of enamelled cookware, has partnered with one of South Africa's leading providers of in-store digital media solutions, One Digital Media (ODM), to showcase its products in a corresponding and scheduled manner across its national network of stores. Andrew Ridl: " The centrally controlled digital signage display network will enable Le Creuset to simultaneously create awareness of brand promotions, in-store specials and product launches while showcasing its brand story to shoppers." The digital signage solution has been rolled out in 19 venues across the country with more to come before the end of 2013.

This unique solution will allow Le Creuset's marketing department to swiftly alter content displayed within any store via the organisation's head office in Cape Town. ODM's Nimbus Media Cloud software, which operates as the foundation for this solution, is web-based and can also be accessed by specific stores to run store/region specific promotions. "Essentially we are building a digital library defined by custom media strategies and with scheduled displays for each store or group of stores. It was important to ensure a seamless integration of the hardware and software applications with the Le Creuset brand imagery such as photographs and video footage in a project of this scope," said Andrew Ridl, One Digital Media CEO.

As Le Creuset South Africa looks to increase its footprint throughout the country the partnership between these two companies was an obvious step forward in a market that is becoming increasingly digitally driven. "Le Creuset is a world renowned brand synonymous with pure quality, style and delicious dinner parties. We are proud to be associated with the brand and we are excited about this project," concluded Ridl.

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Cape Union Mart teams up with One Digital Media

News About Cape Union Mart

Cape Union Mart, well-known outdoor adventure store chain, has partnered with One Digital Media, the largest provider of in-store digital signage solutions in South Africa. Cape Union Mart has a digital signage network consisting of screens that are strategically placed in-store, showcasing brand specific information and promotional material. They needed a service provider that offered an affordable solution, as well as the delivery of after sales customer service and support.

"We've been searching for a cost-effective and function-rich media solution for our in-store screens for some time. The existing provider was offering very little in the way of customer-service and in-store (hands-on) support and it was great to find a partner that ticks both these boxes, as well as many others," said Evan Torrance Director of Marketing, IT and HRD at Cape Union Mart.

"Although the partnership is still young, we are excited about how things are developing and we're looking forward to the roll-out of the new screens and improved content over the next few months". Andrew Ridl, the Chief Operating Officer of One Digital Media says that the company is thrilled to have Cape Union Mart as a client. "We deal with many of South Africa's tops brands and Cape Union Mart is right up there with the best", he said.

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