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ODM is the largest supplier of Digital Signage in Africa, leading the technology evolution in retail





One Digital Media's Software based Digital Signage solutions to suit every environment


One Digital Media's Hardware solutions, from Digital Menu Boards to in-store screens.

ODM Design Studio

The ODM design team are experts in Digital Motion Graphics and Interactive Design. We can assist your brand with a content strategy and media that will ensure longevity and client engagement.

What we do


Based on our client’s in-store challenges and current and future objectives, combined with our insights on effective in-store marketing solutions, we develop a digital in-store strategy for our clients.


The combination of One Digital Media’s own proprietary solutions and access to a variety of leading industry partners’ offering ensures we can offer our clients a wide choice of solutions that can be fully tailored to their individual needs.


Our content scheduling department controls all the media and playlists on our networks and ensures that the right messages are sent to the right screen at the right time.


Our dedicated technical support team and nationwide team of field technicians ensure that our networks run smoothly and possible issues can be tackled timeously and effectively.


ODM’s ability to track scanner POS data, means we can accurately and timeously analyse the effectiveness of campaigns. In our monthly campaign debriefs, we will feed this information back to our clients and make recommendations to optimise campaigns.


Our client interface portal connects our clients to a wealth of ‘intelligence’ behind their digital in-store network, through which they can access and control their network or digital in-store campaign.

Our Clients

KFC South Africa has completed the 800-store Digital Menu Board rollout

One Digital Media (ODM), the largest digital signage provider in Africa, partnered with KFC South Africa and began testing the efficacy of Digital Menu Boards (DMBs). Over the years the KFC team and ODM perfected the solution to ensure the system could be implemented across all KFC restaurants in South Africa.

South Africa is the first country in the world to roll out DMB’s to all KFC restaurants and is now completely digital in all stores! This innovation will assist KFC in enhancing the customers experience whilst delivering more flexibility and functionality to all their restaurants.

Each digital screen serves as a menu board, this allows content to be managed or changed (across all restaurants or at one restaurant) within a matter of minutes, providing immediate impact and results. KFC now has the ability to provide unique menus to each restaurant, moving one step closer to their loyal customer group per site.

Recently, the 800th KFC DMB installation happened at Flagstaff, Kwa-Zulu Natal on 18 August 2015.

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Woolworths has taken their Digital Signage experience to the next level

ODM have partnered with Woolworths and installed a total of 13 different digital signage communication points ranging from Video Walls, to large format LED Displays at their new store in Rosebank (The Mall of Rosebank).

This exciting store was launched on 25 September 2014 As you walk past Woolworths your attention will be drawn by the large 3m x 3m LED display. Inside, you will find a further 3 smaller LED displays, in the RE: Woman, RE: Men and Modern Woman sections.
In the Studio W Men and Woman section you will find 1 x 46” portrait screen. As you enter the food market, be sure to look out for the 46” portrait screen displaying all the specials and daily difference items. Furthermore, the Country Road group has concession stores within Woolworths; they have 2 x 46” portrait screens located at Witchery Woman’s section, 1 x 46” portrait screen at Witchery Kids and lastly 1 x 46” portrait screen at Mimco.

We congratulate Woolworths on yet another successful store launch and look forward to adding more of these solutions to other stores in the near future.

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KFC's digital menu board network grows to over 5000 screens

One Digital Media (ODM), the largest digital signage company in South Africa, and KFC are on track to complete one of the largest digital menu board networks in the world. Currently, over 5000 digital menu boards have been installed for KFC YUM! in South Africa.

An additional 1200 installations are planned over the next year. The network, which comprises up to nine screens in each KFC store, has already been installed in 586 KFCs around the country and additional sites continue to roll out each month. Each screen serves as a menu board, and each screen or group of screens can be changed cost-effectively from a central point within a matter of minutes, providing immediate results.

ODM provides a turnkey solution 24/7 to YUM! and ODM services include procurement, warranty management, installation, maintenance and scheduling on behalf of YUM!

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Le Creuset partners up with One Digital Media for synchronised brand digital signage solutions

Le Creuset, French manufacturer of enamelled cookware, has partnered with one of South Africa's leading providers of in-store digital signage solutions, One Digital Media (ODM), to showcase its products in a corresponding and scheduled manner across its national network of stores. Andrew Ridl:" The centrally controlled digital signage display network will enable Le Creuset to simultaneously create awareness of brand promotions, in-store specials and product launches while showcasing its brand story to shoppers."

The digital solution has been rolled out in 19 venues across the country with more to come before the end of 2013. This unique solution will allow Le Creuset's marketing department to swiftly alter content displayed within any store via the organisation's head office in Cape Town. ODM's Nimbus Media Cloud software, which operates as the foundation for this solution, is web-based and can also be accessed by specific stores to run store/region specific promotions.

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Cape Union Mart teams up with One Digital Media for digital signage

Cape Union Mart, well-known outdoor adventure store chain, has partnered with One Digital Media, the largest provider of in-store digital signage solutions in South Africa. Cape Union Mart has a digital media network consisting of screens that are strategically placed in-store, showcasing brand specific information and promotional material. They needed a service provider that offered an affordable solution, as well as the delivery of after sales customer service and support.

"We've been searching for a cost-effective and function-rich media solution for our in-store screens for some time. The existing provider was offering very little in the way of customer-service and in-store (hands-on) support and it was great to find a partner that ticks both these boxes, as well as many others," said Evan Torrance Director of Marketing, IT and HRD at Cape Union Mart.

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Retail digital signage: Connecting the dots

Modern retail digital display signage solutions are evolving rapidly to meet the shift toward building retail spaces for the new super consumer, believes One Digital Media CEO, Andrew Ridl. "There are few sectors that are quite as disposed to reinvention as retail. With a history spanning thousands of years, the business of selling goods to consumers has been forced to repeatedly adapt itself to changing environments and public expectations. In many ways, flexibility and agility are hardwired into this segment's corporate DNA.

The modern retail environment is no different. Purchasing habits have evolved considerably since the days of small street markets and neighborhood grocers. The modern super consumer now expects retail outlets to be finely attuned to their personal changing needs, to respond in real time, and to offer pertinent information to allow them to (accurately) make a purchase decision."

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