One Digital Media is a full service
Digital Communication, Engagement, Interaction and Analytics business

We offer our clients complete flexibility when choosing what services are needed, or as an end-to-end offering that saves time and money.


Crafting strategies that deliver meaningful digital experiences

We formulate insights and craft strategies to deliver meaningful digital engagements. Ensuring the right experience is delivered on the right screen, to the right person, at the right time.

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Retail Media Network Strategy

A comprehensive playbook on implementing a Retail Media Network in your business. Covering everything from sales strategy, operational management, and execution​.

Content & Customer Engagement Strategy

Through a deep analysis of your customers, retail environment and objectives, we can formulate a full guidebook on what content and customer engagement to deploy, on the right display to the right customer at the right time.​

Operational Strategy

Not sure how to manage your digital network? Our operational strategy guides give a detailed view of how to maximise your existing network, or on how to implement a new network​.


Bringing your vision to life, through stunning creative design

Our expert team of designers, motion graphics artists and industrial designers are able to translate any requirement into world-class designs that engage with customers, meet operational requirements, and leave lasting impressions.

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Digital Retail Content Design

Create stunning in-store visibility for your products and brands through the creation of impactful, retail-ready digital content for your displays​.

Digital Menu Design

Our digital menu designs drive appetite-appeal, make customer decision-making easier, and promote upsells for some of the world’s biggest QSR brands.

Digital Touchpoint / Point-of-Sale Display Design

We create bespoke digital touchpoints and digital point-of-sale displays that increase shopper engagement and customer experience.


Purpose-built network and content management software for digital retail solutions

Our suite of proprietary Content and Network Software Platforms allow complete visibility, total control, and secure access to manage any device, anywhere, in real-time.

Service Offering

CMS : Network Management

CMS offers complete, real-time visibility of all devices on your network. Purpose-built to efficiently and effectively manage any digital display network.

ARCUS : Content Management

ARCUS is One Digital Media’s purpose-built content management, scheduling, and big-data driven content software. Ensuring the right content is always playing on the right screen at all times​.

JETSTREAM : Retail Media Network Platform

JETSTREAM offers retailers complete control over their Retail Media Network. This comprehensive platform facilitates advertising slot bookings, advertising revenue tracking, automated content management and scheduling, device monitoring, and customer data analytics reporting

CIRRUS : Interactive Content Platform

CIRRUS enables live-content streaming and touch-enabled content management. Allowing you to display content embedded on URLs, as well as integrating into a wide range of live data feeds. 


Digital signage displays,
large-format LED screens, interactive touchscreens, corporate AV solutions, and commercial audio hardware

Our direct relationships with leading distributors and OEM manufacturers of digital signage, LED displays, audio-visual and commercial audio hardware ensures our clients have access to a comprehensive range of solutions to meet any requirement.

Service Offering

Digital Signage

Our range of commercial-grade digital signage displays are available in a wide-range of sizes and specifications, all enabled with the latest System-On-Chip (SoC) technology. 

LED Screens

We offer the highest quality indoor and outdoor LED module screens, customisable to any size and resolution needed. Our turn-key offering also covers the design and manufacture of custom steel mounting frames and brackets. 

Interactive Touchscreens

From self-service ordering kiosks to interactive wayfinder displays, our touch-enabled devices cover any interactive requirement.

Corporate AV and Commercial Audio

From the boardroom to the shop floor, our AV solutions are perfect for corporate offices, video conference rooms, and retail radio and PA.


An extensive team of expert installation & support technicians ensures flawless execution and on-site management

Our highly-skilled team ensures the installation of digital displays, devices, point-of-sale displays and AV solutions are done to the highest standards. And with 24/7 Support Team available, all troubleshooting and maintenance requirements are resolved on-time, every time.

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With dedicated installation teams throughout Southern Africa, Asia and Europe, we ensure your solutions are installed flawlessly, no matter the requirement.

Support & Maintenance

Our expert team of Remote Support and Field Technicians are always on standby to assist with any technical maintenance needed on our solutions.


Through an extensive network of specialist manufacturing partners, we’re able to get any bespoke mounting structures, retail fixtures, and point-of-sale displays made to meet any budget.

Warehousing & Logistics

We facilitate any local or international logistics requirements, including courier, shipping, cross-border, customs clearance, and warehousing.


Customer engagement, behavioural, and demographic measurement

Using AI-enabled GDPR-compliant cameras, as well as One Digital Media’s powerful content reporting software, we’re able to measure the effectiveness of your digital solutions with customers.

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Audience Analytics

Age, gender, demographics, emotion, and attention are all captured in real-time, giving you a clear understanding of who your audience are, and how engaged they are with your digital touchpoint. ​

Content Analytics

Complete transparency on total content playbacks, by time of day and location, for every piece of content on screen.​

Post-Campaign Reports

Detailed reports on campaign performance are generated for analytics-enabled solutions, giving accurate measurements and future improvement suggestions for your digital content strategy.​

Return-on-advertising-spend (ROAS)

Overlaying audience and content analytics with store sales data allows One Digital Media to accurately calculate your digital in-store ROAS.​

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